September 11, 2012

The Wonderful Cupcake Cake

Do you go with the wedding cake or an over-abundance of cupcakes? It narrows down to two things: traditional or fun? If you’re the kind of bride that’s determined to add casual, cute, and fun to their wedding, cupcakes are the best way to go. It’s definitely memorable, and is sure to be a big hit with the kids (and for anyone with a child-like streak). There would be no waiting for the cake cutting, there would be plenty of flavors to choose from, and they would much easier to smash into your newly-wedded spouse’s face (unless you’re not into that whole mess part, which I don’t blame you. You paid how much for that dress?!). Besides, what’s better than grabbing a cupcake and jumping onto the dance floor to get your sugar-high dance on?

I mean, just look at these! Not only do they look gorgeous (the level of detail in some of these is like mini-wedding cakes), but they add a healthy dose of delicious, childish fun:

Delicious Cupcakes for a wedding

Pearly vanilla cupcakes

Pink Rose and Chocolate Wedding Cupcake

Vanilla and Chocolate Pearl Wedding Cupcakes

You might want to stick with the traditional wedding cake if you’re inviting a bunch of traditional people to the wedding. But then again, it’s your wedding and your rules! The result will be delicious regardless.

Beautiful Pink Rose Chocolate Wedding Cake

posted by Laura at 3:12PM
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