February 11, 2013

The Color Green

Thinking about putting some color into your big wedding day? For us, we're thinking of the color GREEN!

Just think about it. It's a gorgeous color. Green is bright and full of life. It's a reminder of new beginnings, a promise for growth, and a wealth of oportunities. What better choice could there be? For those who have doubts, green doesn't have to be an obnoxious neon green, there are so many elegant shades to this color!

First and foremost: INVITATIONS. Because we love wedding invites, take a look at these:

Green Vine Wedding Invitations

Design by BeaconLane.

Green Lovebirds Wedding Invites

Design by Paperswithanedge.

Just a hint of color peeking out from under your ruffling white skirts can make you and the dress stand out.

Green Wedding Shoes

Shoes By Design Your Pedestal.

Just think about it: against the soft white/cream of your gown, a lushous green on your bridesmaids can create a really gorgeous effect. There are plenty of styles to choose from that can make this color look elegant and fun. If you can't decide on one style, have your bridesmaids choose they style they want! A variety of dress styles can really make this a great color choice.

Green Bridesmaids Dresses for Green Wedding

Courtesy of WhiteAzalea.

Can't forget wedding bouquets! 

Green Wedding Bouquet

Green Bouquet by TheWhiteBouquet.

Green Bridesmaids Dresses

Lastly, but certainly not least, reception/party favors!

Green Wedding Party Favors

Ribbon Wands by HandmadeByHeather4U.

Green Wedding Gift Box

Glitter Token Gift Box by WeddingAmbience.

posted by Laura at 3:50PM
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