November 2012

November 27, 2012

Photographs are key to our memories. What better way to preserve that special moment in your life than taking a picture? Some of us have the expertise in photography, while others have to find someone with it! If you're the latter (like me!) and thinking about finding a photographer for your wedding, you might want to read this. We recently spoke with Jennifer Medeiros, a wedding photographer who knows how to capture and preserve "true, honest human emotion."



What initially interest you into photography?

It was kind of an accident how I stumbled onto photography.  In my sophmore year of high school, I had one more class I needed to fill and a friend had mentioned that she heard photography was a fun class.  So I took it.  And man, I fell head over heels in love!  But then I had children right after high school, so I did the responsible thing and put my dreams on the back burner to raise my kids.  Now that they are older (13 & 10), I decided it was time to get back into it and give my dreams a real shot.

How long have you been professionally shooting?

Almost two years.

What was your favorite wedding to work on?

I would have to say my first.  It was a beach wedding in Sarasota, Florida and it was really a litmus test for me.  I really wasn't sure how I felt about photographing weddings.  To be honest, they scared me.  How could I handle being responsible for capturing the single most significant day in a couple's life together?  But again, I fell completely in love and haven't looked back!

What is your photographic style?

I very much prefer a more photojournalistic style.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful than capturing true, honest human emotion as it happens.  I know that when I look back at my old photographs, the ones that draw the most emotion are the candid moments and not the school portraits or the "say cheese" ones.  But that's just my opinion...

Do you shoot mostly color, black and white, or both?

I like to do a combination.  I never really know what I'm going to do until I sit down to edit and I just kind of go with my gut.

Film or Digital?

Well, it's funny you asked.  In the time I had put my photography goals aside to be a mom, the shift in the industry went from film to digital and when I decided to pick it up again, I felt like I had to re-learn photography.  Most of the things I did in the darkroom I could now do in the camera and that was definitely a learning process!  But now I shoot primarily digital.  I do still have my film camera, but it needs to be dusted off!

If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be?

Without a doubt, Jasmine Star.  She's amazing and we totally have similar personalities!

Do you have any advice for brides looking for photographers?

Honestly? I would say to do some research.  Your wedding day is so important and the relationship between a bride and her photographer is very intimate.  At the end of the day, one of the most important elements to choosing the right photographer is that your personalities mesh well.  I think this makes the day run very smoothly and you both have the same goals in mind.


bride on a beach, lace wedding  gown, mermaid dress, train
bride in woodsbride and groom, trolly ride
black and white bridal portrait
the first dance
rustic bridal photo, red flowers, vailbride and groom, black and white, walking away
first dance, close up
bridal shoes, crystal heels, clear stilettos
exchanging of rings
sunset silhouettesunset portrait, kiss

Want to see more? Check out Jennifer's website.

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November 20, 2012

Getting ready for a winter wonderland? If you're like me, it's a tough time of the year! Rough skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair, and at worst getting sick...get ahead of the game and stop the discomfort before it happens! Especially if you're putting together a winter wedding. Sure you may be busy preparing for the big day, but this is the time to start caring for yourself!

Cracking skin? This could be because of too many hot showers and a lack of good body cream. Sure those steaming showers feel great (and are oh-so tempting!), but one too often will result in water loss in your skin. Keep your hot showers quick and like Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil. Pat your skin dry! Moisturize while you're still damp for the best results. Try something like Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion if your skin is really dry! Also invest in a humidifier while you sleep to help.

Chapped Lips? To prevent, use a wax-based lip balm as much as possible during the dry, cold weather. If you're already suffering with it, then go with a moisturizing lipstick or lip balm (petroleum jelly or Vaseline are always your best friend). Avoid licking your lips and breathing through your mouth! If you're out and about, a chapstick with SPF (sunscreen!) will do you some good.

Difficult hair? Keeping your hair under control in the winter is a chore sometimes. Using a deep conditioner once or twice a week (depending on the condition of your hair) can help!Dry hair/itching? Look for specific brands of shampoo or conditioner that are hydrating. Head & Shoulders® Classic Clean Shampoo can help with any dandruff symptoms that can pop up during the winter season.

Starting to feel sick (oh no!)? Many people swear by products such as Airbourne or Emergen-C (I recommend the latter! However, our graphic designer Courtney swears it tastes like chalk) but eating fruits and warm, liquidy foods such as chicken noodle soup or something hot, can work. Find yourself some daily vitamins (I take the chewy kind like Vitafusion MultiVites™ Gummy Vitamins for Adults Berry Peach and Orange! It's not bad at all), cut back on smoking and alcohol. Stop touching your face to prevent the spread of germs, cough into that elbow, and try to get to bed a little earlier.


Rule number one: Don't stay dehydrated. Try to keep your body healthy by drinking lots of water! It will help with all of the above :)

Beautiful Winter Bride in the Snow

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November 13, 2012

At Tying the Knot, we love a well-designed wedding invitation, and are huge suckers for lace! We found both in one when we spoke to AnnMarie of Lavender Paperie. She specializes in lace wedding invitations for a "vintage, rustic and shabby chic themed" weddings. We asked AnnMarie some questions about her work and her gorgeous Etsy Shop.


How did you get started on wedding invitations? 

I love everything wedding and also love the art of creating something beautiful for ones big event.  Since I was little, I always had a love for paper and decided to take that passion and combined it with my love for weddings and decided to start creating wedding invitations.

When did you start designing for weddings? 

It was right after I had lost my job teaching 3 years ago.  It was my opportunity to go full force and start my business.  I'd have to say, at the time, losing my job was devastating, but looking back it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

What are your favorite materials?

Lace is a pretty obvious one, since almost all over our invitations have lace on them.  Right now though, I obsessed with glitter paper.  I can't get enough.  We are in the process of creating our glitter line. I can't wait to reveal it!!

What’s the craziest invitation you’ve been asked to design?

Since most of our invites are for couples with weddings with a vintage flair we really don't get many crazy requests as most of their themes are very elegant, classic, etc.  I'd say, out of all our invites, the only one that sticks out the most would be the one we created for a couple where we used hot pink lace, ribbon and cardstock.  That one was definitely out of the norm of our usual realm of colors.  I'd have to say, it was also probably one of my favorite invites to create!  I loved working outside the box!

Ampersand or And?

Either or, really have no preference.  It all depends on the style of the invite and what works best!

What do you recommend to a bride looking for wedding invitations? 

Make sure to start early if you are looking for custom invitations.  The whole design process can take up to 6 months or more to create.  This way you can avoid having to pay rush fees and also have the comfort of knowing that the invite you fell in love with can be created in time. 

Kraft card invitation, pink lace, burlap
kraft paper pocketfold, lace invitation
Dark blue pocketfold invitation, lace
dark gray pocketfold invitation, pink accents, lace, baroque pattern
wedding invitations, gold matted, white lace
black and white invitations, black lace, swavorski crystal
light gold invitations, cream lace, rose applique

Visit AnnMarie on her Website

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November 12, 2012

Having a bad day? Feeling the stress building up? Need a chance to smile?

After revisiting one of my favorite long-running blogs “1000 Awesome Things” (it was launched back in 2008! So if you don’t know about it, go get your read on. If you do, I apologize for making you reread all 1000) and remembered that #992 was “Being the first table to get called up for the dinner buffet at a wedding!” 

Beautiful Wedding Table

"When you’re on The Outside there is no greater wedding high than being the first table to get called up to the dinner buffet. Suddenly you’re on The Inside, honorary winner of the prestigious Gets To Eat Before Everyone Else award, dipping your ladle into Alfredo sauce before it films over, toothpicking meatballs before they congeal into sugary meat pyramids, surgically removing the perfect first triangle of cheesecake before the serving dish gets all gummed up with clumpy graham cracker paste and marischino cherry glue."

Catch it here and fondly remember that memory of the time you were called up first!

I highly recommend “1000 Awesome Things” for anyone who wishes to reminisce on the little things and appreciate the moment. It’s the most heartwarming blog I’ve ever come upon in the vast world of the internet. Go on, read it and get your smile on!

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