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April 10, 2013

Trying to figure out what to do with your hair? If you're like me, you can only handle so much of it before you decide to chop some inches off! Thankfully, the internet is vast and wise and full of fantastic hair tutorials to help you get the hang of taming your hair. I've put together a few fantastic tutorials that are simple and easy to follow. In this weather, they'll help you look easy-breezy in no time! 

Planning a wedding soon? Any one of these hairstyles are perfect to dress up with some lace, flowers, or net of pearls! Find your favorite hair style for a spring wedding and go get it done!



Spring Wedding Hair Ideas

This style is super perky and cute. You can dress this up with a wedding dress or dress down with a shirt and jeans. Sometimes, you'd be surprised that such a messy-feeling bun could turn out to look so beautiful! Find the full tutorial here for your reference!



Spring Wedding Hair Styles

Talk about channeling your inner mermaid. This hair style is surprisingly simple, all you need to do is divide your hair in two (not three like your typical braid!) and exchange and criss-cross half an inch from each pile. Oh! I'm making this sound way more complicated than it is. Go learn about it more here for a step by step! Thinking about this for a wedding style? Why not take a long white ribbon or some lace and incorporate it in this style? Try this tutorial if you want to braid some ribbon or string in your hair.



Spring Wedding Hair Styles

You're probably thinking... "What?? You mean that Lady Gaga thing?" then yes, it's the same thing! This style can combine fun and classy at the same time, depending on how you decide to dress it up! Besides, you don't have to sit this bun directly on top of your head (a la Lady Gaga esque). You can opt for a lower bow in this style, or even a side bow! And surprisingly, this hair style iseasy once you get it down. Visit here for the simple and sweet tutorial!


Not seeing anything you like here? Or, do you have medium/layered hair like me? I've found some nice video tutorials that feature a bunch of different updos and braided styles. Now, GO GET STYLING! 

A Collection of 10 Everyday Styles:

Styles for Layered, Medium hair:

Medium to Long Hair Styles:

Long Hair Styles:

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