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April 1, 2013

Wedding coming up? Not sure what to pick for a venue style? What about the colors? Flower selections? Can't decide whether to match the dress with the idea, or the idea with the dress? It's tough to try to find the perfect place to match the perfect theme. Here is some information about the four most popular wedding ideas to help you in your choices!


Modern Wedding

 The word we're looking for is contemporary! Think minimalistic and chic, but fresh, and simple. This theme is for the graphic designer in you. Modern weddings feature lovely geometric patterns, or clean crisp shapes. The best way to make this work is to find a venue with a lot of mirrors or windows! Let in lots of light and sense of space. Brick or cement floors can help convey that feeling of wide open spaces that really make these patterns pop.  When selecting your colors for a modern wedding, think about crisp and clear colors. A steel gray, eggplant, fuchsia, or candy-red. Always go with an all-white base and build from there! Modern dresses with shapely sillhouettes, tea-length, or one-shouldered fit the bill for a modern wedding. To go with this look, select a sassy headpiece or big bold flowers. To keep with your modern theme, match your cake with the patterns you use at your venue!

Modern Wedding Style


Classic Wedding

The words we're looking for is traditional and timeless! Here is your chance to channel your favorite old time icons: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, or Jackie O. For your venue, try to find yourself a ballroom, a histioric institution, or a country club that conveys your preferred sense of timeless. This wedding style allows you a chance to decorate, decorate decorate! For your reception, here's the chance to create lush centerpieces; work with ivory linens, candelabras, and a wealth of flowers. For your color pallete, stick with neutral or pastel selections. Or, go for classic combinations like black and white, or white and tiffany blue and gold. A classic wedding dress choice is A-line, or ball gowns. Lace gowns are big for a classic lookm, but your veil will be your biggest accessory! Try to bring out that timeless look and opt for athedral veils or blusher veils. To top off this style, stick with roses for a flower selection; they come in plenty of colors and are always available throughout the year!

Classic Wedding Style


Vintage Wedding

The word we're looking for is nostalgia! If you're into eclectic, retro styles, or 20s, 50s designs, this would be your choice! The difference between classic and vintage, is that the former tends to be more on the modern side and the latter is dedicated to a bygone pop culture. For the venue, find yourself a historic estate, a tented garden reception, or a romantic lawn. For color choices, stick with your favorite color families; go through the hues of a single color instead of multiple colors. Try out peach, cream, yellows, soft greens and lavenders. Or, depending on the era of your choice, work with colors like golds, mint greens and bright yellow. For decoration, find soft, big-headed flowers, with delicate textures. Poppies or dahlias, if you opt for a more feminine style. This venue style is the best to bring out all of your favorite pieces of nostalgia; get a lot of candles, black and white photographs, vintage tea tins, antique vases, old bird cages, china platters, lace, and fluffy cushions. Try to find a balance inside your romantic atmosphere. To match your wedding style, search for vintage gowns at secondhand shops, or borrow from your family. Always remember to not get completely carried away and stay true to yourself! Choose what compliments you the best. To complete the vintage feeling, serve old-school cocktails (gin and tonics, or whiskey sours), and consider chocolate buttercream, ganache, mousse, or jams for the cake. Remember to top it with a vintage figure!

Vintage Wedding Style


Rustic Wedding

The word we're looking for is country!This style incorporates down-to-earth, natural, outdoorsy feelings, but also maintains a sophisticated look. For your venue, you'll want to find someplace outside to let nature add its beauty to your day. If you're worried about the weather and need to stick to venues that are indoors, search out a rustic space, a classic barnyard, old lodge, or a brewery. A rustic style is best used with colors that feature natural hues. Take inspiration from the woods; find soft, creamy browns or bronze, pinks, and ivories. If you want to go with more vibrant colors, go with oranges, reds, or purples. For decoration, incorporate lots of textures, moss, or  burlap. Get reclaimed wood tables, formal white-linen runners, tin pails, mason jars. Seek out textured flowers like sunflowers, thistle, chrysanthemums. Always think organic! For a gown choice, find one that is fuss-free! You want to work with your venue; think elegance and nature. Opt for an airy and etheral gown with an empire waist. The best part about a rustic wedding? Lots of comfort food! These weddings feature a more laid-back dinner, family style.

 Rustic Wedding Style

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