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February 27, 2013

Thinking about managing a budget friendly wedding? It might be a smart thing to consider if you haven't thought of it yet. Consider this; the average cost of a wedding is close to $26,000! That’s one too many zeros for me and I haven't even planned mine yet. Below are a few ways to keep to your budget and still plan a memorable wedding!



First and foremost, you’ll want to avoid the crowds. May through October is the most popular time to schedule a ceremony, which means these months will be the most expensive. Choosing a slower month means that the caterers, reception halls, and vendors are more likely to offer better pricing. Avoid a busy weekday like Saturday. For caterers, buffets can be fun and help avoid the costs for a sit-down dinner. You can also skip the wedding cake too, and find yourself a tower of cupcakes, cookies, bars, brownies, cheesecake, pies, or tarts for everyone to enjoy. Stick with the budget even more by serving only beer and wine.



Choose to focus on the aspects that will be the most important on your big day. A photographer plays a huge part when it comes to preserving your precious moments through photos and videos. Pay a little extra to get that perfect photographer who will work with you to make it special. Invitations and flowers can be pricey, so skim on those to opt for personal hand-made invitations (think postcards! Also limit the number of invitations by sending out to households, not the total number of guests) and stick with seasonal blooms. You can ditch the bouquet altogether and carry a fan, a small parasol, or even a fancy clutch or evening bag. Or if you want to stick with the bouquet, make one out of feathers, crystals, candy, antique buttons, or origami.


The Dress:

Bridal shops are costly, and that dress of your dreams might not even be in there! Search department stores, prom dress shops, or online retailers. Don't give up. You can even borrow a dress (because just maybe that beautiful, timeless wedding gown your mother wore could quite possible fit you! You can't even put a price tag on that sentimental value), rent a gown, or buy a bridesmaid’s dress in white, cream, or ivory. For the groom, consider finding a new suit that he can wear again.


Take a look at this For Dummies cheat sheet to further stick with your budget!

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