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October 9, 2012

At Tying the Knot, autumn is one of our favorite times of the year. The colors, the food, the crisp weather! Here are a few things that what we're definitely looking forward to this autumn.


It's the best time for our fall food favorites! Apple pies, pastries, smores, candy apples...and then all the candy you can eat come Halloween time.

Autumn food and delicious desserts

Caramel apples for autumn

Brrr! Coming in from outside when it starts to get chilly makes it hard to take off your coat. But this will soothe the transition: warm cider, hot chocolate, coffee or espresso.

Warm drinks expresso hot chocolate



It's the best time of the year for a light coat and a scarf; the fuzzier and more colorful the better. This is the time to start layering: sweaters, coats, leggings, knee socks. Too hot? Take one off! Too cold? Put one on! Easy and comfy.

Warm red scarf for autumn

Our favorite boots come out of the closet. Oh, how we've missed you!

Old pair of boots lovingly worn-in


Apple picking! It's a big favorite and makes for an enjoyable weekend outing. There's nothing more satisfying than leisurely strolling through an orchard while biting into a fresh apple. Not to mention its sweet taste after struggling to climb a branch or two to get to the best one on the tree. Pumpkin picking is also fun (not very good to eat unless you bake it into something!) and roasted pumpkin seeds are very satisfying after a day of carving one or two!

Crates of apples for apple picking

We love taking long walks/drives to see the colorful leaves. The trees have so many incredible colors, its almost like stepping into another world. The scenery really speaks for itself!

Orange leaves on a road

Fireplaces start to heat up. There's the sweet smell of smoke as the air gets cooler and crisp, and the warmth of the fire can keep you there for hours. Happen to have a wood stove? There is nothing better than sitting near one of those to read a book and warm your back.

Warm fireplace with flowers

Attending autumn weddings!

This season is one of the best times of year to throw a wedding. In Fall, there are a variety of colors and themes to choose from. Ideas can range from simple and clean, to the more extravagant and decorated. Plus foilage weddings are absolutely beautiful; the use of natural items really add character to floral arrangements, centerpieces, wedding cake embellishments, wreathes, and bouquets. Can't forget the delicious favors; caramel apples, homemade perserves or little bottles of maple syrup.

Wedding Bouquet with soft white roses

Wedding Bride and Groom in front of a soft sunset

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