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September 28, 2012

At Tying the Knot, we hold a special place in our heart for wedding invitations. No, really, we love them!

Our co-founder, Courtney, is a seasoned veteran of wedding invitations and she’s always intrigued by innovative ways to invite guests to a wedding. Recently, we sat down with a bride for a wedding day feature (coming soon!) but were extremely excited when we were given some extra design goodies to look at…and we just had to share!

Karyn and Brandon are lovers of music. Despite the overall theme of the wedding, they decided to take a different approach to personalize their invitations. And they are fantastic. Guests were travelling more than seven hours for the big day, so Karyn and Brandon created CD album invites for the long car rides.

Here’s a sneak peek at these unique wedding invitations by Karyn:

 Photo Wedding Invite with CD and Chalk Details

Wedding invite with a matching mixed CD

Her chalk-typography design and the silk screened CD with a vinyl press varnish made it look and feel exactly like a record: incredible!

Wedding invitation designed as vinyl record

Be sure to check back to get the whole story on this wedding feature!


Want to see more?? Go here to check out more of Karyn's fabulous designs!

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