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August 8, 2012

Our super amazing graphic designer, Courtney, painted her nails last night. She was inspired by Birchbox’s crazy take on nail design, and decided to test out her own techniques. And they came out lovely!

This design is super simple and very elegant looking. If you’re searching for an alternative to the traditional French manicure for brides or bridesmaids, here’s something to try! In five easy steps.

First and foremost: supplies!

Courtney is using Sally Hansen's Glazed Sand, French Shimmer, and Clear Coat:

Nail Polish, Scotch Tape, Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails

Step One – Apply 3 coats of the Sally Hansen's glazed sand.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Painted Nails, Nail Polish

Step Two – Let them dry for a really long time. Wait overnight if you can to ensure that the nail polish has completely dried. (If you’re too impatient like me, fill a bowl with ice and water before you begin to paint and then dunk your nails in when you finish; soak for a minute or two – however long you can stand! Then air dry, only pat them down if you’re sure they’re dry!)

Step Three – Take your piece of scotch tape and apply it to your nail at an angle. Paint over in 2-3 strokes in the French Shimmer.

Scotch Tape, Nails, Nail Polish, French Manicure, Sally Hansen

Step Four – Peel off the scotch tape before it dries.

 Diagonal manicure, french manicure, white, nail polish

 Step Five – Once you're done, add the top coat after the French Shimmer had dried.

Courtney's Nail Tutorial

Simple! And very pretty! A great way to put a literal twist on the French manicure.

Have fun, and be sure to watch out for more of our simple tutorials!



Before we go ... We have Nail Polishes to share!

Browsing around for some color? Or maybe looking for that perfect winter-white? If you're searching for the big day, here are some great nail polishes for brides who want to find a more modern and fun white polish:

China Glaze, White Nail Polish, French Manicures, OPI, Essie

1: China Glaze - White Kwik Silver

2: China Glaze - White Out

3: Essie - Marshmellow

4: L'Oreal Paris Pro Manicure - French Tip White

5: OPI Nail Lacquer - White Shatter


Or for your bridesmaids who need to match their dresses:

China Glaze, Pink, Essie, Crackle Nails, OPI polish

1: China Glaze - For Audrey

2: China Glaze - Dance Baby

3: Essie - Crewed Interest

4: L'Oreal Paris Pro Manicure - Sweet Nothings

5: OPI Nail Lacquer - Turquoise Shatter

There are plenty of colors to choose from! Make a date out of it and have a nail-polishing party. Pop in a movie, spread out some paper towels, and get your painting on.

posted by Laura at 12:52AM
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