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July 30, 2012

Digital printing is a method of printing images and text directly from a computer onto paper. With technology growing stronger by the day, printer quality has complete control over color and tone, as well as a selection of inks to choose from. Digital printing allows designers the freedom of applying individual customization and design to the stationary. It can be argued, though, that digital printing lacks texture, because the ink lies flat on the paper. But this method is much cheaper than its competitor, letterpress.

Letterpress, on the other hand, has been around forever. It was invented by Johann Gutenberg in 1450 to be exact!

It's an antique printing method that uses images and text on a raised surface that is dipped in ink and pressed against the paper. It produces a matte ink design or lettering that is sharply impressed rather than raised. You can be sure that this is a longer process than the digital printing (as well as costly!), but the results are classy. They leave a lovely print on textured paper that is often simple and elegant designs with a distinct style.

It is truly up to your preference and budget. Unless you want to skip the printing methods: take that chance to hire a professional calligrapher to handwrite each piece of your stationary or, if you have the time, do it yourself (imagine the hand cramping)!

But I digress. Let's have a mini review: digital printing will help you save a little extra money and allows the freedom to customize, and letterpress can give you that textured lettering and timeless design.

"But I can't decide!" you might say, "They're both so nice!" and shake the keyboard. Okay, okay. Our advice? Divvy up your invitations, place cards, menus, signs, and thank you cards. Choose which would look best for each one: digital printing or letterpress. Because it’s your special day, so it’s your way.

Why not have the best of both worlds?

posted by Laura at 9:47PM
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